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Revitalization of Downtown Knoxville
Knoxville, TN, US

After the Civil War, Knoxville was transformed into a thriving wholesale and manufacturing center that specialized in producing textiles, food and iron products. Most of these sites were located alongside the current I-275/North Central Street corridor and downtown area. Unfortunately the Great Depression forced business owners to shut down their operations which lead to mass unemployment.

A large portion of the industrial lands now lay abandoned. They are now viewed as nuisances because of their effect on the environment. They can be eyes sores, riddled with dilapidated structures that put chemicals into the soil, effect local watersheds, become prime areas for violence and/or other activities viewed as unsafe, etc.

Many of the residents (the majority of them living below the poverty level) surrounding the urban core live on property that is low in value. The lack of outside interest in these areas leads to little or no rebuilding of these communities. This adds to the stress put on the nearby residents because they have more of a responsibility to keep their environment functioning. The goal of this project was to explore means and methods that will provide long lasting socio-economic revitalization through brownfield remediation efforts. 

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