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Our Practice

KDGi envisions spaces that will inspire people, help them connect with others and enrich the human experience. We achieve this by embracing the life, love and diversity of the city. KDGi endeavors to utilize its resources, technology, networks, and professional workforce to shape equitable, sustainable, and intriguing human environments, to alleviate limiting and debilitating trajectories. Ultimately, KDGi’s mission is to promote, to encourage, and to establish character in the context of community through planning, conceptual design, and development.

Our Leaders


Managing Partner, President

KDGi Greater Nashville, TN

Brandon Harvey is a founding partner of KDGi. Founding the firm in 2016, Harvey brings over 16 years of interdisciplinary experience working with public and private clients, serving the role as project manager, planner, and architectural designer on a wide array of healthcare, transportation, urban design, commercial, and residential projects. Harvey is distinguished by his abilities to lead clients, persuasive master planning, programming, and design abilities, industry knowledge, raw talent, and warm personality. 


Harvey is a Registered Architect in Tennessee and Texas, and received both his Masters in Architecture and Bachelor of Science in Urban Planning degrees from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. 



Managing Partner, Vice President and CIO

KDGi Greater Nashville, TN

Brandon Neish is a co-founding partner of KDGi and is focused on holistic design, high performance design, sustainability and interiors. His passion for Architecture can be seen on the challenging projects that he designed and managed in the construction field and the architectural field.


Brandon Neish holds a Bachelor in Interior Design and Architectural Studies from the University of Missouri and a Masters of Architecture from University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

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