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Kingdom Development Group Incorporated (KDGi) was founded in 2016 with partners who share the beliefs that our talents, professional experiences, and life experiences help to shape equitable, sustainable, & intriguing human environments that alleviate limiting and debilitating trajectories - our personal translation of transformative design. 

KDGi has taken the charge to create spaces and places that will inspire and unify people, enrich the human experience, and broaden the possibilities of the built environment in our ever-changing world. We embrace the life, love, & diversity of our communities and promote this same culture within the body of our professional workforce. KDGi endeavors to utilize its resources, technology, and networks to create environs that foster a better quality of life.  

Mission & Approach

KDGi’s Mission is to catalyze change in our built environment, to promote cultural durability, and to create character in the context of community.


KDGi’s Approach begins with the recognition that every client, project type, and project setting is unique, and must be tailored to a Vision, a refined Process, and proven method of Delivery. We seek to answer the needs of our clients by leveraging our ability to develop and present design solutions using highly accurate computer modeling and cost estimating.




Memberships/ Affiliations

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